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National Freedom*Film*Festival 2017

One Minute Films on Women and Freedom

Saturday 12 August 2017, Chennai


Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation conducted a one-minute film contest titled “National Freedom Film Festival” to commemorate India’s 70 years of Independence.

The aim of the competition was to explore the challenges overcome by women or challenges that remain in front of them.

We received film entries for this competition from 6 states: Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Most of the participants were youth especially college students.

The winner of this competition was announced in an event on 12 August 2017 at MM Preview Theatre, Kodambakkam, Chennai. Around 150 persons attended this event. Programme Coordinator M.S. Porkodi welcomed the Chief Guest, Jury members, media persons and the participants. She also announced on behalf of HRF that this kind of contest will be conducted every year on different topics.

Indian film director, cultural thinker and writer Sharada Ramanadhan preceded as Chief Guest. Jury members Vasanthi Hariprakash – Radio & TV personality, Revathi – Cine artist and Swapna Sundar – Advocate also were present. The whole programme was anchored by Vasanthi Hariprakash.

D.Geetha – Advocate spoke about HRF, its initiation, the work they do and her long association with HRF. Professor Kaleeshwaran’s team performed Tamil Nadu’s traditional folk dances Karagattam and Thappattam which was well appreciated by the audience.

The winner’s Trophy and INR 25,000 went to contestant Jayachandra Hashmi for his Film ‘Kalavu’ (theft). Two Special awards were

also given, one to Swetha Dandapani for the film ‘Agam’ (The Person Within) and D. Abishiek for the film ‘India’s Super women’.  20 best films were selected and screened in the event. Certificate of Participation were given to the top 20 film makers. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Revathy, HRF.