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Community resilience beyond disasters

Community resilience during and beyond disasters: Best practice and lessons learnt
State level Dissemination workshop

In November 2021, a post-pandemic recovery process with a human rights approach was initiated in  18,000 households in remote areas of 150 villages in 30 districts of Tamil Nadu, by the Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation (HRF) with the support of Recover Better Support Fund (RBSF-GIZ).

In this short duration, the vulnerable groups have been linked to formal support institutions, and have got about ₹776 million in tangible assets (land, houses, pensions etc.) at an incredible pace of ₹1.7 million per day.

The workshop was to share the journey and celebration of the success.

A booklet on the highlights of the project was prepared in Tamil and English. Tamil was distributed at the workshop.  The mentors and animators from 30 districts involved in this programme were felicitated.

57 participants (33 women, 24 men) attended in person and international participants attended online.




























































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Social mobilisation for resilient livelihoods during and beyond disasters (May 2023)