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HRF an overview 2017-2023

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Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation

The Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation (HRF) is a non–profit, secular, civil society institution working for the promotion and protection of human rights in India since 1993. The Foundation enables socially excluded communities and vulnerable sections of society to exercise their constitutional rights, access entitlements, amplifies their voice, and enhance participation in decision–making through demystifying laws, policies, budgets, and state mechanisms, building their capacity, and supporting them to deepen democracy to build inclusive, sustainable, and resilient communities, mindful of intersectionality.

We are a woman led, and woman majority organisation at all levels. Two of four trustees, managing trusty and director, the deputy director, the senior coordinator, all coordinators, 20 of 30 district animators, and 14 of 34 district volunteers are women. Our primary work is with the Dalit, tribal, and fisher communities.
Women and gender justice are central to our human rights work, mindful of caste, class, age, marital status, sexual orientation, and abilities. We work to ensure that women are in leadership in constitutional positions, in the community, and in families.

We directly implement, and train other organisations, in access to justice and entitlements with measurable gains and systemic pro–poor change. We broaden space for civic engagement and support human rights defenders to promote a culture of human rights to secure a life with dignity for all at all times.
Our approach is survivor–centred, community– based, and public systems engaged. It is systems driven, data informed, and full spectrum i.e., from campaigns to implementation, ensuring that measurable benefits of human rights advances tangibly accrue to the most vulnerable.

The strategy is ‘building’ – building capacity, building evidence, building public opinion, building engagement, and building momentum. When there are gaps in implementation we dialogue. When there are gaps in the law, we draft amendments or alternate bills and then campaign for adoption. When there is a skill gap, we build capacity. When needed we litigate.
HRF has initiated or anchored over 20 state and nation–wide campaigns and networks. We anchor the Human Rights and Advocacy Institute that provides training on the skill sets required for monitoring and institutionalising these into law and in society as a culture of human rights. While the heavy lifting is inhouse, all these are multi– stakeholder dialogue and solidarity initiatives– developing tools, training, accompanying, and supporting constitutional functionaries, civil society organisations, human rights defenders, and community representatives.

HRF an overview 2017-2023