Tools to monitor the implementation of the SCs&STs (PoA) Act

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The implementation of the SCs and STs (PoA) Act 1989 and Rules 1995 can be tracked systematically by the precise provisions of the Act and Rules.

Given below are the entire set of tools to monitor this Act. They will tell you all you need to know in a practical, step by step guide.

  1. Simple PoA tracking system (How to monitor the implementation of the Act with respect to one case right from the police station to the district and state level).
  2. Monitoring Calendar (Brief).
  3. Monitoring Calendar (Detailed).
  4. PoA and IPC Sections (Equivalence table).
  5. How to give evidence in Court.
  6. Roles and responsibilities of the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (DVMCs).
  7. Monitoring the State Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (SVMCs).
  8. A few monitoring formats.

If interested in joining in this endeavour, please send a mail to contact (at) for these tools.

They are available in both English and Tamil.