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Social mobilisation for resilient livelihoods

Social mobilisation for resilient livelihoods of the left behind communities during and beyond disasters in Tamil Nadu, India

A post-pandemic recovery process was initiated in November 2021 by HRF with the support of Recover Better Support Fund (RBSF-GIZ), with 18,000 households in remote areas in 137 panchayats, in 30 of 38 districts in Tamil Nadu. TN First, as the initiative was called, was to ensure that Tamil Nadu becomes first in all human development indicators, and the vulnerable communities become more resilient in an increasingly unstable world, where natural and manmade disasters are the norm.

In this short duration, the socially excluded and vulnerable communities in remote hamlets have been linked to formal support institutions, and have got about ₹776 million in quantifiable assets (land, houses, pensions etc) at a scorching pace of over ₹1.7 million per day for 454 days. In addition, the community was enrolled in government insurance schemes potentially worth ₹650 million, if the need arose due to a medical emergency or fatality.

It took 43,166 applications for entitlements (including 15,002 for the pre-qualifying documents), from December 2021 to February 2023, of which 17,196 (39.84%) have been approved and received to accomplish this incredible task. Over 34 district animators, supported by 23 mentors, were key to this achievement.

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