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SDGWatch: CEO Forum, orientation workshop and launch

To engage with all sections of society in a systematic, sustained process to fulfill Agenda 2030 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a joint civil society initiative is

(a) Initiating a CEO Forum on SDGs on 25 September 2017
(b) Organising a three day orientation workshop on SDGs from 25 September 2017 to 27 September 2017
(c) Launching a joint civil society SDGWatch-Tamil Nadu on 27 September 2017
(d) Announcing a mass outreach campaign on 27 September 2017

The integrated agenda and time frame provides a multi-faceted opportunity for civil society for long-term collaboration based on an integrated human rights approach, evidence based engagement, nurturing a new civil society leadership over 15 years, with the guidance and mentoring of seniors for inter-generational change, transition and innovation.

The responsibilities of a member of SDGWatch will be to (a) Create mass awareness about SDGs (b) Systematically and regularly monitor the fulfilment of SDGs in geographic and thematic work areas (c) Mobilise participation in the SDGWatch campaigns (d) Support stakeholders to enable fulfilment of SDG goals.

In addition to the above, the responsibilities of members of the CEO Forum are to (a) Provide direction to SDGWatch (b) Decide on annual priorities (c) Be part of multi-stakeholder dialogues (d) Increase membership in SDGWatch (e) Raise/contribute resources for SDGWatch.

The three day orientation workshop on SDGs is for CEOs/decision makers/senior staff from 25-27 September 2017 to learn about the SDGs and how to monitor them. It will have four thematic sessions – an overview and one each on gender, child rights and implementation at the village level. Each thematic session will have an introduction which will look at all the 17 goals and Indian indicators with respect to gender/child rights/implementation), a ‘tools‘ part and an ‘action‘ part (group discussion). The tools part will draw out the legal ecosystem (from the UN till the village, in the case of women CEDAW to constitutional provisions and legal rights), the appropriate mechanisms (CEDAW shadow reports etc, parliament, NCW, SCW, DV service providers, women’s police stations, ICDS…) and tools (checklists, GOs, simplified budget tracking tools, etc.,). Based on the selected indicators and tools, priorities and action plans will be drawn up for the next one year and a long term vision till 2030.

The registration fee is Rs 2500 for all three programmes (workshop, launch and CEO forum). A few scholarships are available on request.

​Kindly confirm your participation via mail to  or by calling 918668091451 on or before Friday 15 September 2017 so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

For any further clarifications please contact:


P. Tamilarasi

Coordinator, HRF

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