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Migrant Children Study 2021 - Impact of covid 19

Migrant Children Learning – Covid 19 Impact

Impact of Covid-19 on learning of Migrant Children in Tamil Nadu 2021

This report presents the findings of a study conducted overall from January  2021 to October 2021 by ActionAid Association, Aide et Action, Arunodhaya, Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation and Tamil Nadu Alliance to ascertain the impact of the lockdown due to Covid-19 on the learning of migrant children in Tamil Nadu. The study covers inter-state migrant children who accompanied their parents, inter-state migrant children who have been brought for work in specific industries, intra-state (inter-district) migrant children who have come for work in specific industries and intra-state (inter district) migrant children who accompanied their parents. The data was
collected from 27 March 2021 to 04 April 2021 using a mobile app.

The pandemic called for a complete rapid shift of teaching and learning processes. As our traditional schools moved to online learning virtually overnight, this transition was unplanned and resulted in severe disruptions in learning especially for the children of migrant workers. The student engagement, planning and execution of online classes, lack of teaching resources, and difficult access to technology was a major obstacle even to the children who study in top class international schools. The transition had unimaginable consequences for the children of migrant workers, who lacked the basic infrastructure, knowledge, and access to the online learning environment…

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