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Rape and murder of a 10 year old girl

Fact Finding: Rape and murder of a 10 year old girl

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On 14-02-2014 night, Thenmozhi (name changed) daughter of Paramasivam was abducted from the house. Next day Mr. Paramasivam got news that child Thenmozhi’s nude dead body was hanging in a neem tree at Chendrayanpalayam’s Perumal Kovil foothills.  Five persons Poobathi, Anandha Babu, Prabhakaran, Bala Krishnan and Anadhan were arrested by police and released under the Bail conditions.


  • Paramasivam’s house doesn’t have doors. They used curtain instead of door. So it was easy for the outsiders to enter the house. Paramasivam took some money from his aunt Chinnaiyee Ganesa to purchase a handloom machine. Chinnaiyee Ganesa ran a small tuck shop using a portion of Paramasivam’s house. Later Chinnaiyee Ganesa demanded Paramasivam to sell his whole house to her and Paramasivam refused to do so. So Chinnaiyee Ganesa got angry and challenged to drive out Paramasivam’s family from the village before the temple festival. Chinnaiyeee Ganesa sold her tuck shop to Babu now arrested in connection with Thenmozhi’s murder. The five persons now arrested always use to drink and create problem in the village.

Thenmozhi was raped, murdered and hanged in a neem tree at the nearby foothill of Perumal temple. All the five were booked under Goondas Act and arrested the police. Case was registered under sexual harassment and child protection act. But the offenders were released under Bail and Chinnaiyee Ganesa’s family members were supporting the offenders. The government didn’t pay any compensation to Paramasivam’s family.



  • The police must file a strong case and see to it that the offenders were punished by the Court.
  • Compensation should be provided to Paramasivam’s family by the government immediately.
  • The government should give a handloom machine at free of cost to Paramasivam. The government must also help Paramasivam to educate his other two children.

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