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Two Day Training for Coastal Defenders

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A two-day training programme for coastal youth was conducted at Thanjavur on 7th and 8th February 2019. A total of 86 participants out of which 46 were men and 40 women participated in the programme. The participants were from 13 districts spanning from Pazhaverkadu to Kanyakumari.

The main focus of the programme was empowering the coastal youth to take a lead in the issues faced by the fishing communities. To enable them to collect news and fact find issues to better help the legal process. It was also to bring to their awareness the factor affecting the coastal environment and ecology which in turn affects the fishing and non-fishing coast communities.


1. Reservations for the fishing community in the local body elections. 

2. Political Participation of women should be more important and encouraged.

3. Joining hands with the entire coastal community and supporting wherever any coastal issue occurs.

4. Creating awareness about coastal policies, Environmental Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment and GIS mapping.

5. Increase the compensation amount during the fish ban period.