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National Campaign in Indian Constitution

National Campaign for Constitutional Amendment to Part IX (Article 243 A,G & H) and Amendment to Introduce List IV in the Seventh Schedule (Local Government List)

1. Third National Consultation on Local Government: An Introduction Grama Swaraj – independent, self–sufficient, village republics –formed the cornerstone of our independence struggle. Yet 70 years after the British have left, it remains a partially fulfilled dream at best. It took 45 years after independence to partially enshrine local government in our constitution through the 73rd and 74th amendments and the panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (PESA) for rural, urban and fifth schedule areas respectively. Some progress has been made in local government that has not been possible in the state or central government, of which the representation of women is a significant example. It has been made possible both because of explicit reservation for women – 33% initially, but with more states moving to 50% – and because the proximity of the seat of governance to the habitation makes it easier for women to participate…

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