Campaign Against Child Labour-TN

Campaign Against Child Labour, launched in 1992, consists of a network of over 5400 anti-child labour groups spread over 12 states in India. Women’s groups, dalit organisations, trade unions, academic institutions, media agencies.  Child rights and human rights organisations, research bodies, corporate houses, student volunteers and eminent citizens constitute an integral part of the campaign.

CACL is committed to the total eradication of child labour through building public opinion, investigation of abuse / exploitation, advocacy, lobbying and monitoring of national and international developments.  The campaign believes in networking and alliance building with other like-minded groups.  It intervenes in specific cases of violation of child rights and abuse of children and initiates people’s resistance, advocacy and lobbying to restore justice and rights of the child.

Campaign Against Child Labour – CACL has been advocating during the last decade for the implementation of Need Based living wages (minimum wages) for all workers and the need for a legislation to guarantee social security to cover all workers in the unorganised sector.  CACL strongly recommends that these measures along with strict enforcement of law to prohibit child labour (Child Labour Act 1986 to be amended accordingly) will improve family income and enable parents who are workers from the unorganised sector to send children to school.