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Village development plans using resource mapping

A meeting especially to do a village development plans, resource mapping was organized for  Panchayat council and grama sabha members in Ramanathapuram District . Thozhuvalur Panchayat. 70 people district participated in this meeting. Resource person who experience in doing such process came and explained the whole process.  The participants actively involved and drawn a model …

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Fact finding: Challenges faced by Murugammal, Dalit Panchayat President, while protecting the common land

Background: Murugmmal is a Dalit women panchayat president. She was elected to this panchayat for the 1st time. In her panchayat, a dominant caste person jayaraman, encroached the common land of Panchayat which is a pathway near the Dalit colony. The path is used by all the people of panchayat. The same was improved as …

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