Praxis (How we do it)

HRF is based on a perspective and practice of human rights that is universal in its applicability but accommodates the specificities of a pluralistic society. It is based on the indivisibility of human rights rooted in the mandate laid down in UDHR, the Indian Constitution, statutory enactment, the two main UN covenants on civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and several international treaties ratified by India.

HRF understands human rights as the voice of the oppressed and exploited, of indigenous people, fishing communities, women, Dalits, children, workers, artisans and peasants. These voices aspire for sustainable livelihood and ecosystems, popular governance and equitable development. In HRF’s strategy, the campaign for child rights and protection of human rights including building a cadre of human rights defenders who are sensitive to sustainable ecology and development is central and reflects the common struggle for social transformation which is holistic, humane, equitable and democratic. HRF underlines that child rights movements should have an ideology and programme of its own while relating and being part of struggles of different social movement and advocates that the child rights campaign should be integral to it. HRF’s priority to pressurise the nation state to place children’s concern high in their political agenda continues.

The core of our work is functioning as a resource cum research organisation disseminating information, initiating and building Campaigns and engaging in advocacy work. As part of our research effort HRF publishes and make public position notes on significant human rights issues and social change. Our work also includes reviewing and monitoring government plans and policies, schemes, budgetary allocations and functioning of public institutions and laws for the promotion of grass roots democracy.

To help achieve its aims HRF provides documentation and dissemination services to other professionals and researchers, organizations and networks, carries out fact finding missions on human rights violations, organizes public hearings where necessary, institutes scientific teams, files public interest litigation on behalf of the marginalized, organizes training programmes for activist of civil society organisation and government officials on human rights, and lobbies with policy makers and politicians in the interest of the marginalised. It has initiated social campaigns for the promotion and protection of human rights

HRF is involved in lobby and advocacy activities at state and regional level regarding child rights, protection of environment, right to information, custodial justice, empowerment of local government representatives, etc. HRF has been working towards strengthening and networking with various organisations, human rights activists, scientists, teachers, lawyers and other professionals, administrators, eminent persons, students, trade unions, democratic  organizations working for the promotion and protection of human rights.

HRF believes in people’s democracy and social and sustainable development of environment in defence of the oppressed and exploited. Much of its work is focused on gender justice and the rights of dalits combining professionalism and volunteerism. On several occasions education material published by HRF have been very useful for raising social awareness on peoples rights. These include eradication of child labour, your rights when arrested, women’s rights in custody, fair and free elections, panchayat government, environment, human rights, right to information, etc.