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Introductory course

The introductory course is a two day residential programme on human rights is open to all.

It is conducted periodically, according to demand.

The objective of this course is to give a comprehensive overview of the legal architecture and state mechanisms for the administration of justice.

Course content: Starting from the basics, the course covers specific laws and custodial institutions. It provides a few tools for active citizens for engagement.


India – Human Rights and Democracy; – Need for a Democratic Resurgence – A Note by Ossie Fernandes
What is Human rights
Brief history of Human Rights
International Human Rights Laws
Indian constitution
Indian constitution Article – 21 (Protection of life and personal liberty) & 21 A (Right to Education)
Interpretation of Article 21 by various courts
Article 22 (Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases)
Article 36-51 (Directive Principles of State Policy)
Criminal Jurisprudence
Indian Penal Code (certain important aspects)
Crime & Criminal Procedure Code (certain important aspects)
Rights in Prison
Model draft for Prison Reforms
Supreme Court’s direction regarding encounter deaths
Procedures to be followed in custodial deaths
Campaign against death penalty – S.V. Rajadurai
SC/STs (PoA) Amendment Act 2015
Importance of fact finding and tactics to protect Human Rights
Using Public Interest Litigation