Return to Tamil Nadu Federation of Women Presidents of Panchayat Government

Capacity building

Training for Women Panchayat Board Presidents from 1999—2000 happened in the conferences with the support of the voluntary organizations in Tamilnadu. On 18 October 2000, 20 District associations came together for the State Level Convention which happened in Chennai. In this convention the state level committee was created with the first Federation of TamilnaduPanchayat Government Women Presidents being created. Since that day, meeting of the state level convention is being held every year. The demands of the members of the convention are being released widely by the newspapers/TV channels. Further, these demands are presented to the government and the related department officials.

A separate workshop on protection of panchayat’s land and public resources for panchayat presidents was held in Chennai in 2013. Around 45 presidents took part in it and shared the challenges they faced to protect the lands in the panchayat. A press conference was also organized regarding this. Legal counseling that was required was given to the presidents.

A workshop on legal strategies was conducted for the panchayat presidents on a day in 2012 in Chennai. More than 50 presidents took part in it and they discussed about the legal problems in panchayat administration.

District Level Consultation on Strengthening Gram Sabha held on 19th July 2016 at Thiruvallur District. Around 62 Panchayat Presidents, Ward members and Grama Sabha members participated. Mr.B.Thyagarajan, Addl. Director, Retd., Rural Development clarified the doubts to participants about the Development of Grama Sabha. At the end of the meeting participants said that they gained awareness of the Grama Sabha development and how to strengthen the GramaSabha. They said they will use the rights in upcoming Grama Sabha meeting on 15th August 2016.