Fact finding on Ramkumar’s suicide death in Puzhal Prison

The alleged suicide of murder suspect P.Ramkumar in the high security Puzhal Central Prison in Chennai on 18 September 2016 has given rise to many questions and doubts. The prison authorities claim that Ramkumar took his life by biting a live wire from a switch board inside the prison. His relatives and lawyers claim that he was murdered. There are lot of gaps and loopholes in the suicide theory told by the prison authorities and the few are given below:

  • How come a closely watched suspect had easy access to a switch board in a highly-secured prison?
  • How come the CCTV cameras installed in the prison area were Ramkumar allegedly committed suicide didn’t function on that particular day and time?
  • The prison authorities have informed Ramkumar’s lawyer that Ramkumar has been taken to Royapetta hospital for treating Ramkumar for his stomach pain ache. Later it has been announced that Ramkumar was admitted in hospital for electric shock treatment.

Even brushing aside, the theory of police high hand in Ramkumar death, the State is responsible for the wellbeing of its prisoners. In Ramkumar’s case he was not convicted by the court for the charges framed against him. Ramkumar was lodged in the prison under judicial custody as a remand prisoner. So the judiciary is also equally liable for the safety of the prisoners.